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Can we have the stolen skill at Xera changed to Magnetic Bomb?


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New stolen skills are cool, and in Xera, we have Soul Stone Venom. It can be useful at this boss because of condi removal, but I think that thief would benefit more of Throw Magnetic bomb because of it's pull potential.

In a normal run of Xera, a very critical moment is wen things go downhill and we suddently have a lot of people with condis, for what Soul Stone Venom is great. But this skill depends on steal cd, so sometimes it just isn't enough to cover all the cleanses needed (That why there are other profession with this role). Even then, I think that the stolen skill only being useful in very few moments in a fight that normally happen if someone has messed up is very limitating to the already reduced versatility of Thief.

Unlike this situation, something that is needed very regularly in Xera are pulls. There are a lot of adds along the fight, and Magnetic Bomb would be a magnific way to deal with them, and while it doesn't has as range as for example mesmer's focus pull, with some coordination thief could bring a decent supporting capability to the group. But this is not everything: Magnetic Bomb has actually a very decent damage, so it could be "traded" as part of the rotation for a little extra damage if the thief decides so. This way, we wouldn't have a stolen skill just waiting for the whole encounter to see if something goes wrong.

Please, Anet, I think that thief is in a pretty regular spot right now. As a pure dps class, it doesn't even has much dps compared with most of the other DPS professions. Power thieves could use more acceptance, and I think adding stuff like this would be a nice way to have thief as a good pick, even if it is in only some specific situations.

Thank you.

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I agree completely. Honestly though i wish more adds on fights had unique steals.

KC for example, his phantams from statues has Detonate Plasma while he has artifact. Would be awesome if xeras phantasms had plasma and her white mantel lackiesbhad the magnetic bomb. Options!

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