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[PoF] Soooo... nothing to do here?


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First of all - Thank you Anet Team for a really really good story and beautiful maps, great mounts and a nice surprise with an extra mount. And many more. First impression of PoF is great!

But... well... I finished this great story and now wonder, apart from clearing achievs, what to do here? Where is at least 1 meta map? Is there any good spot to farm?

For a moment I thought - wait, those bounties must be the farm they intended we will be doing here. Except that they are not that profitable...

I know there are threads like that already. I wanted to add to this list another topic, so there is bigger chance arena net may do something about it. Buffing bounties rewards seems like the easiest way.

What do you guys think about all of this?


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I have found several spots in the first map already that have no achievement tied to them although they do feel significant. And I'm not that far in. If that continues I definitely will need to do some thorough exploration in those maps.

There's lot sof things to do, and while it's not all that profitable I suppose, you can have a great deal of fun just exploring.

I have to say, without achievements, it makes me even though there's often only a tiny chest at the end, just that more excited when I find these/solve them.

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