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A trip down memory lane. (very minor spoilers)


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Ran into some children playing "Ascension" in the riverlands at the first camp. I followed them around for a bit, until they got the the doppelganger.


It was a fun look back at one of my favorite moments in gaming. Augury Rock and the Ascension trial was one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences I've ever had in a game. The main reward, that I could finally wear that 15k Armor.

Insanely tough + cosmetic rewards, I'd still do it all again.

Thanks A-net!

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Yes, absolutely my favorite nostalgia moment.

They reminded me of the kids in the personal story who act out the critical moments of Snaff & Company, so that everyone could become familiar with the events just prior to GW2, including those of us who fell asleep trying to didn't get a chance to read the three GW2 books.

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