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Running Faster Than a Centaur (repost of mount speed data from Reddit)

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Redditor The Bandicoot did some amazing empirical research into just how fast mounts are... and how much faster they are than vanilla foot travel. (Sadly, there's no playable Centaur, so it wasn't possible to compare our speed versus theirs.)

Update The Bandicoot posted additional research. I'll update the post below later. If you want to read it yourself... voila. The overall ideas haven't changed: raptors have the fastest ground speed; leaping jackals & raptors are faster still. Skimmers are competitive over water. And fully maxed griffons can double that.

And the Winners are

  1. The fastest mount in the game is... Revenant! Over double foot speed. Uses the Executioner Toy Axe and pulsing Superspeed using Impossible Odds (Shiro utility), plus other leaps/runs.
  2. Raptor spamming leaps. Just over double foot speed. (And obviously less micromanagement compared to the true fastest.)
  3. Thief spamming shadowsteps, about 5% slower than raptor (although much more micro).
  4. Jackal, spamming glides; nearly as fast.

Data You Can Use:

Ignoring the possibility of micromanaging Thief, Revenant, or Executioner's Axe...

  • Raptor & Jackal spamming 'leaps' are fastest. Without, they are still PDQ (purty durn qwik).
  • Skimmer is faster on liquid surfaces (even shallow, can-walk-on puddles) than non-leaping Raptor, Jackal.
  • Springer & land-based Skimmer are about 30% slower than R/J, but still a lot faster than on foot.

Or in briefer form:

  • Choose Raptor & Jackal whenever possible; spam leaps.
  • Swap to BunnyRoo for mapping heights.
  • Swap to Mr Ray for navigating shallows, quicksand, sulfur, & especially to say safe in the branded areas.


Redditor: The Bandicoot

Original Post: Some science and math behind the Joy Of Movement!

Spoiler Warning (minor)

! There's a fifth mount that unlocks after finishing the story. It's about the same as S&S.

Added: thanks to @jheryn.8390 for the tip about using Skimmers to traverse the branded.

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Related news:To help you find & upgrade mounts, the forum's own @"Rikimaru.7890" has posted an awesome guide.

Mount Training Crash CourseThe tl;dr is:

  • Find raptor
  • Train it to T3
  • Get Springer & Skimmer
  • Train Springer to T3
  • Get the Jackal
  • Train Jackal to T3
  • Train Skimmer to T3
  • Train all to T4 (or save some mastery points for ... see spoiler above).

The full post explains why this order makes your life easier, where to go, and the specific benefits.

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