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Expurgation (Ascended Axe) Collection - I found it! Riddle of the Firebrand


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Hello Guys

You can check the collection here -- http://wiki-en.guildwars2.com/wiki/Expurgation_(achievement)

As you can see, to get the Riddle of the Firebrand, you need to explore with your jackal in Skyward Reach area, maybe some kind of sand portals puzzle?

I can't find anything, we are several firebrands running around and asking, but nothing.

Someone knows where is the puzzle in Elon Riverlands? Breaking my nerves with this one.

Thanks !

EDIT: I FOUND IT ! The item it's inside a Runeforge Chest (or something like that) GodsLost Sandfalls POI then to the EAST , there is a sand portal for the jackal!


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