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Lost Pilgrims help needed (Solved)

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Anyone know the location of some of these Vision Stones and where the priests are?I found one Vision Stone and found the bones of 2 of the priests.I had another Vision Stone but, one of my friends died near the other side of the map a few feet away from a Waypoint that they didn't trigger with no one around... went to help them and lost the Vision Stone I was holding.Went back where I found it and it's gone and no clue how long of a respawn (if it respawns more than a day).

So far got Hehmnut and found Nahtem right above me with a Vision Stone that should be north of him near some eels.

Update: Actually the one that disappeared on one of my characters shown up on another when taking her there.The original one is gone which got me to assume that after using one, it doesn't show up again. So I've gotten Hehmnut and Nahtem and used the 2 Vision Crystals near them.Anyone know the location of Kahdat and where is the Vision Crystal near him?

EDIT: Nevermind. I've found all 3.

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