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Turrets should be useable in the ow.

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Title. U made this honestly really fun and nice system but u locked it to one map.

I saw them being used and i was like "holy shit these would be amazing to bring in metas in Hot, world boses in core and bounties in Pof" but nope...

Its like the vine thing from ep5 in se3, that would be an amazing thing to add in the hot maps but nope cant add that, some ppl might not have the episode...

They are not mandatory for success so u dont need the episode anyways.And besides the episodes are dirt cheap so if anyone wants these they could buy or farm the episodes. Dont be afraid to advertise your products in game, dont let that stop u from bringing these amazing features into the rest of the game.

U already have a very pro consumer business model, advertising your episodes wont hurt anyone.

Plus, ppl who are really into metas, world nosses and bounties will get sooo much replayability from the map by farming spare parts to have for their turrets.

Some aditional suggestion: Give us blish's arm or a vendor item or something inside of kourna. Or at least the arm's fifth ability which can be targeted at turrets and breaks them down to spare parts. Its sad how this skill is locked to 1 instance.

Its sad how this amazing mechanic is locked to 1 map, much like every other mechanic uv made in se3...

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I was totally thrilled with these. I don't have an engy so got to Istan, went to plop down a turret with everyone else...and couldn't. Sigh.

Way too much effort for just an achieve since there really is nowhere on this map that we need them.

Not thrilled anymore.

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