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Are you and your hubby still looking? I'm the leader of a Guild that has been around in Tyria for 12+ years. We're always looking to replace inactive players with active members. We do require 100% rep (with a few exceptions), but we're friendly helpful and well organized (for casuals that is ). Message/ mail me in game at Rick.6041 if interested. :)

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We're a small WvW guild on SoR, and while we don't do much more than WvW as a guild, you'd be welcome to join us for that. We run (just about) every night from 7:00 central until around 10:00+.

We come from a large WvW guild that isn't active here anymore. A handful of us wanted to stay so a month or so ago we started on our own guild. We know how to recruit but aren't sending out random invites just to fill the Discord.

We run pretty tight, can take on groups a good deal larger than ourselves and do ask for certain classes and builds when we're running.

Most of us are 25+ (50ish) and we have a mix of men and women. If you'd like more info let me know...


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Look further! We will likely not be the guild for you! :) Quirky humor here... XTRA XTRA slack all about it! That is get XTRA from us with Xtraordinary Slackers. We do lots of Fractals. will BE getting into Raids soon NOT YET - and minimal PvP... mostly PvE guild. BUT we are smaller - NA - PDT w/ international mems - been around a while from SWG to SWTOR. We're chill, close, funny, royal themed have cupcake points and - power naps! And coffee going all the time.

We do not require 100% rep EXCEPT when doing guild run content. Discord is req. and a very quick app to fill or questions. Wow I'm making this sound more like a chore now huh... you can check our recruitment thread and OP here (chances are you prob did and were like uhhh NO THANKS what an XTRA disappointing guild well FeelsBadMan BUT it's okay! :) That's fine lol https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/786/na-pve-xtraordinary-slackers-new-vet-get-xtra-close-social-chill-helpful-silly-w-us-discord/p1

Seriously tho, all my weird humor aside, It's tough to find the right guild - one thing tho as you know u can join multiple guilds - usually a main and side ones that may be more focused it's hard to find a smaller guild that does everything - and we definitely don't - some WvW or PvP focused side guilds can be nice, etc. ANYWAYS - good luck finding the right guild! :) You and your hubby be safe out there! :)

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