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Different solution for Epidemic


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So with the patch today, Epidemic was changed to only transmit conditions with 50% duration. I don't think that this actually 'solves' the problem of indefinitely-chaining conditions. It just makes it less effective.

So, a version idea I had;

  1. New set of Condition categories called "Transferred %condition%"
  2. Epidemic maintains its full duration conditions when transferred
  3. Epidemic transmits all of the conditions as "Transferred" condition types
  4. Epidemic cannot transmit Transferred conditions

This stops indefinite propagation. It also maintains the balance of condition duration.

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I don't think Epi-Bouncing was/is the real problem, more that you need 2+ Necros for it AND even more impotently that it just DELETES Adds quicker then most Power classes can't even dream of. So my solution, even though i have no clue how much stress this would put on the servers, would be: Turn it into a attachable, ticking AoE, think Cairn "Shared Agony" or "Social Awkwardness" in fractals, have it tick 5 times and copy up to 5 stacks of every condition on the target per tick to enemies around it. Then normalize the condi duration aka. give it the "Signet of Inspiration" treatment but then have it be effected by expertise. Lastly do what was done to 2 other "corruption" skills already and change it to the ammunition system. Optionally: Change other corruption skills to ammo as well and have the "Master of Corruption" trait increase there ammo count rather then reducing cooldown.

To some up the effect this would have a little.

  • Condis have a ramp up time now so adds no longer die instantly.
  • Epi bounce is less effective because and adds might even die in the meantime.
  • A singel Necro can bounce with himself, increasing its personal DPS and preventing class stacking.
  • Standardized condi duration makes adjusting damage output a lot easier in the future.
  • It becomes much more effective an enemies that don't already have a lot of conditions like most open world mobs.
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