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Inverted chat and party box

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After I switched my resolution to windowed, my chat box inverted the position with the party box (now the chat are in the top and the party are in the botton). When I switched back to full screen 2560x1080, the chat box and the party box don't back to normal. This problem is anoying me a lot because in the actual position, the messages in chat merge with the people in party, making a mess to read the messages.I searched in internet for a solution, and I found the topic https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/10816/how-do-i-move-my-chat-window-back-down-to-where-it-was , but unfortunately this solution don't work for me.I decided to open a help ticket, but I don't get answer till now (I opened the ticket in Sunday at 18:43) , so I decided to try a help here.

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