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I have read the other threads about this message and I understand why it's there and how to get rid of it. I'm on my first char with which I am going to do the personal story, I already bought both expansions, and I'll get there when I'm ready to do so.

What really annoys me is not the message, but the fact that it's right on top of my chat window and blocks the last 9 lines of chat. I can't move the message and if I dismiss it, it comes back a couple of minutes later. I know I can move the chat window, but please either make the message moveable or simply locate it outside other UI components. Thanks :-)

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When it happen again in game, click escape (or the gear icon at the very top left by default) and select Support, then click the bug report button. Pick UI in the drop down menu, write your report, and click the screenshot button at the bottom, so they see exactly what you mean and send it.

I think there's a lot more chances that the dev who work on the UI will see it that way than on the forums.

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