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iMage - 30s base cd, why?


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I'm really struggling to understand why, compared with pistol, OH sword, focus, gs and staff phantasms, what justifies iMage being at 30s base cooldown when all of those other core weapon phantasms are 20s or less. I won't talk about shield 4 phantasm because chrono has built in alacrity anyway which automatically lowers its cooldown.

Yes it's not as kitten awful as it used to be with that bouncing attack, but now especially with the burn stack changes and the huge windup animation, it's no better than any other weapon phantasm (save for iWarden which we all know is kitten at the moment).

Surely this should be 25s base, max? I'd even prefer 20s in line with all other core weapon phantasms, but one step at a time...

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Yup, the CD of this phantasm is kinda long, especially now that it no longer applies so much pressure through multiple burn stacks. I'd like base cd to be 25s in pvp/wvw and 20s in pve, or even 20s in all gamemodes. I'd even trade iMage's interrupt or 1-2 secs of its burning duration for it.

I'd also like to mention The Prestige's CD. In pvp/wvw it's okay imo (as it gives stealth which is extremely useful in those modes), but in pve, where the skill is used mostly for its damage, it is way too long, and I'd love it to be 25s/20s base as well.

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