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Looking for a Guild

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I play all areas of the the game, Ive played since reaslise... But started a new account. Ideally looking for higher tier offering guide enhancments, I play for several hours everyday.I am English, so my English should be good - but I am northern so some may disagree. I can use discord but tend to only use when its needed, ie raids guild missions etc.Hit me up pls

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EU or NA?

If NA, and you want to join an organized, competitive guild to WvW with, we're a new WvW guild on SoR. We run WvW (just about) every night from 7:00 central/8:00 EST until11:00 or later.

We come from a large well-known WvW guild that isn't active anymore but a handful of us wanted to stay so a month or so ago we started our own guild. We know how to recruit but aren't sending out random invites just to fill the Discord. We don't want drama and like to make sure new members are a fit and are confident we'll grow. We have a mix of women and men, and are up to around 25 members now. (our goal is to run 2 groups of 20 and coordinate)

We run a tight group, are organized and can take on groups larger than ourselves. We do ask people to play certain builds when we're running official for the good of the group, but there's time to run other things as well. We have disc, website, etc..

We're not mass recruiting, and small enough so you'd get to know everyone and be appreciated. Let me know if you want more info or a link to apply etc..


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