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Skill split / un-split


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I do not get why there is this revoling door of skills being split then a turn arone of them being un-split.

I am mostly talking about ele and mostly lava faunt this skill has been split for some time pvp vs pve for its cd and it worked for the most part in wvw well (no ideal about pve). The last update un-split them making the pve and pvp have the same cd but with a massive dmg ner of 40% aimed at pve only. Why dose this carry over to pvp was this skill that strong?

There been more nerfs to skill on ele due to pve then most other classes it seems and they go way beyond the ideal of skill split and most though it would fix these pve nerfs in the pvp environment but it has not.

My point is where dose this end is the ideal of spliting skills a lie to trick ppl into being ok with massive nerfs in pvp or pve setting?

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@Brother.1504 said:Balance is not easy.

That was the point of having split skill you could balance one game mood with in it self and keep the other game mood out of it. But for some reasion Anet wants to keep split and un split skills for what i can only guess to make it easier on there time usage.

What the point of all the balancing for the last year if its all going up in flames because of un spliting skills? Anet realty needs to say something about this. A 40% dmg nerf to lava font fits pve but why did they feel pvp needed it too?

@Ubi.4136 said:Just be happy with the buff to meteor shower in wvw. It was OP damage before, but raising it 20% over the 20% it was already overperforming, is broken as hell.

That a bug as there no info about it in the notes and if any thing it should be doing less dmg due to the weaver crit dmg nerf.But is a good example of where a split skill would work well as hitting for 12k to 16k (some ppl say 20K) dose not fit in a pvp environment but its ok in a pve environment.

Skill splits are needed and every time they un split even if it seems like a good thing now will become a bad thing later on.

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