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@Ubi.4136 said:Sadly, it is NOT a bug.

The skill was doing more damage than the tooltip said.They buffed base damage an additional 20% for some reason.Then they fixed the tooltip to read correctly.

Based on what the patch notes say, and the roughly 20% increase in base damge appearing in game, it looks intentional. It's OP as kitten, but intentional.

Then that is a bug of there own making.

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@Blocki.4931 said:When a single Weaver in the backline can nuke an entire group instantly. Stop defending this, nobody says anything against the fact that staff ele can do it in general, just that the numbers are way higher than they are supposed to be.

The problem here is that the counter is always lagging after the attack. Ie its a little too early to be raging or defending when it comes to zerg meta. Because I think we can safely say we are exclusivly talking zerg meta here, a meteor shower from a zerker ele is unlikely to intimidate a thief that just downed him in 0.2 seconds by simply teleporting 2x the radius of said shower.

And in this particular situation, we have a meta thats actively pushed away single target roflstompers that specialize in blowing up things like eles in favor of a complete stack-on-one-spot scourge bunker area denial meta that train in a predictable direction.

The math isnt hard on this one. Scourge got nerfed, eles got buffed, the pendulum swings. Adjusting tactics take time.

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@Gwaihir.1745 said:

@"VAHNeunzehnsechundsiebzig.3618" said:

@Darknicrofia.2604 said:3.2k armor FB with protection up, got hit by a 16k meteor shower and insta downed.

yea totally a l2p issue. /kappa

and that is worse than being hit by a 16k rev hammer?

The 16k rev hammer is far less common and far harder to set up? Gee I call that a difference.

Yes and no it use to be an easy thing to pull off and a lot harder to see now i am not sure if it can even hit that hard any more but still impossible to see.

Any thing doing 16k dmg is too much dmg for pvp / wvw but its ok for pve.

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@Odinens.5920 said:Is everyone complaining in full zerk gear or somethin? I mainly run a power scourge in raids (1141 toughness/1648 vitality), and meteor shower doesn't do nearly the damage to me that you folks are all claiming. Yeah, I can't stand in it for the full animation, but to be almost 1-shot on the 1st tick? That 1st tick barley dents my health.

i have 3200+ armor and 20000 hp i still get some insane dmg from meteor

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As far as coefficients go, the coefficient on meteor is 1.6https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/skills?ids=5501

This is less than CoR's coefficient of 1.75 at max range (it's 1.5 at midrange), or Gun flame's 2.2 multiplier (dragon's tooth on scepter fire 2 is also 2.2 coefficient). Keep in mind the massive channeling time and obvious graphic of meteors falling from the sky unless culling occurs.

Damage = (Weapon strength Power Skill coefficient) / Armor

Staff max weapon strength is 1166 with ascendedSkill coefficient is 1.6 per GW2 APIPower is going to be around 2800-3000 without might & food. (2800 is essentially non-weavers in fire attunement with fire traitline)+5% from Sigil of force

  • 10% from Empowering flame (while in fire) - fire trait
  • 10% from Burning Rage (fairly consistent due to scourges and firebrands) - fire trait
  • 10% from Elements of Rage (only for 8s while single attuned) , weaver only... not much different than the +10% from Harmonious conduit on tempest other than a ferocity boost
  • 7% from Swift revenge , weaver only (requires swiftness or superspeed)2% per boon in arcane (with a herald near it's easily 3 boons such as might ,fury, swiftness ; there's 12 boons including aegis, protection, regen, alacrity , quickness, resistance, retal , stability, vigor) ... literally exactly the same as revenant's Elder's Force+20% with Bolt to the Heart (vs <50% enemies) , in the air line
  • 10% from scholar rune (requires you to be > 90% HP...)critical is going to be ~ 2x to 2.6x effective power , more with a revenant running devastation traitline for +150 ferocity (+10%). A revenant brings the crit back to pre-nerf ferocity from Elements of RageIn order to hit 15K you'd need to have a critical , there's no way even with 25 might (+750 Power) that you'd see more than 6K damage otherwise since 3K power /2K armor with coefficient of 1.6 is around 2800 damage not including traits. You'd need at least three +10% traits/rune to reach the 10K damage unless running Bolt to the Heart (+20% vs targets below 50% HP) in the Air traitline or Bountiful Power (+2% per boon) in Arcane with a critical.

If you reverse solve the damage equation:Damage Armor = 1166 weapon damage 1.6 skill coefficient Effective PowerAssuming 10K damage ,10K 2000 = 11661.6 Effective Power= 10,720 Effective PowerDivide by critical hit 250%4288 effective power without criticalDivide by 3000 power and you get 1.42x damage multiplier, which can only be attained through a minimum of sigil of force (1.05x) and three + 10% modifiers (1.1^3) which can be attained with fire and weaver alone

If we do it based on 260% critical , 4123 effective power without critical is requiredDivide by 3000 power , you end up with 1.37x damage multiplier required so sigil of force plus three 10% modifiers would satisfy this

What could be partly happening is marauder eles are getting damage boosted to berserker gear levels due to the change on Elements of Rage , plus Ferocious Winds (air traitline) scaling with precision. If it's truly bugged then it needs to be fixed, obviously.

I've been critically hit over 12K even before this patch on revenant and I run about 2600-2800 armor depending on if hardening persistence is up. If you're running 2000 armor that's going to be over 15K (12K * 2600/2000 = 15.6K). There has to be might stacking , damage modifiers, and vulnerability involved. If it was just meteor shower with fire traitline, it wouldn't hit that hard.

An ele can have over 2600 power due to Empowering Flame trait (+150 power) + weaver's Elemental Polyphony (+120 Power). Ingame tooltip is based on 2600 armor target, I don't believe that it counts traits such as Empowering Flame (+10%) , Burning Rage (+10% vs burning) or Elements of Rage (+10% damage , 13% vitality to ferocity is around +13% or +14% with marauder) let alone others such as Bolt to the Heart (+20% vs <50% HP) or Bountiful power (+2% per boon) in the arcane line.

If you look at combat log make sure you aren't inflicted with vulnerability. If you were in well of suffering it's safe to say there was at least 4-8 stacks of vulnerability which is +4-8% damage.

If Arenanet nerfs the Elements of Rage 10% damage modifier (ferocity boost is still above 10% with marauder so there's a possibility it would be dropped to about +150 ferocity) , the +120 Power from Elemental Polyphony while in fire, or +7% damage from swift revenge (swiftness on staff ele is only easy to meet all the time with a rev ; I'd imagine if nerfed it would be changed to favor close range / dual attack damage only or something), it will be hard to take weaver over tempest or core ele because defensively it brings less to the party besides water fields since rarely do you see a weaver with water traitline.

In short, unless meteor shower is truly bugged I don't think it's a meteor shower problem. You'd need an isolated test scenario such as a guildhall arena to truly test it , unless it is a WvW split bug (meteor isn't skill split).

edit: confirmed buggy by Arenanet.

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@"wanya.1697" said:might be a bug with the elite spec on my core ele I get 2k -> 8k meteors only

I have 1.2k toughness 2.5k power near 200% crit dmg unbuffed

I have 2.8 power when attuned to fire without stacks or might added, 55% crit chance, 229% crit dmg with scholars runes(10% dmg above 90% health), you can get another 10% damage for single attunement(weaver), 10% dmg for fire attunement, 10% more for burning targets, 20% more for targets under 50% health, 10% more if they're cc'd, 7% dmg with swiftness on(weaver), fury and burning from crits. Use to have around 244% crit dmg before the nerf to elements of rage. Now damage went from 12k to 19k max with the only difference being the drop in crit dmg....

So something is off somewhere. But honestly I just don't give a dam anymore, not after complaining about other one shot skill and combos in the game for years now, and the only thing that was ever "fixed" was cor after 2 years, only to be replaced with a bigger and harder hitting aoe... Ele's enjoy it, cause you were stuck behind necros since the expansions. Anet isn't going to bother noticing unless it becomes a raid issue.

Edit: well I stand corrected on my last sentence.

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@"Dahir.4158" said:

@Karl McLain.5604 said:I can confirm that the initial damage impact is currently too high and we'll be looking to bring it back down to normal levels when possible.

While you're doing that, change Lava Font back to how it was.

That would also mean reverting the higher cooldown. I prefer the lower damage and lower cooldown tbh.

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