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Roller Beetle: hold key down to boost

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So with the Raptor the longer you hold your mount ability 1 key the further you jump and the more endurance is used.

Same with the Skimmer: while you hold the key you use endurance and continue hovering higher.

Same with the Springer.

With the Beetle on the other hand you can only boost when endurance is full and than ALL endurance is used no matter how long you press.This seriously ruins all the fun for me. No boosting after drifts, no short boost before jumping over a cliff, no boost cancellation if you are stuck between obstacles.

I understand why the Beetle starts without endurance but I don't see a reason why we can't "hold to boost" instead of "press key and waste all of it".

Any opinions?

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There is no seamless transition between getting on the beetle and moving, to getting off the beetle when you want to.

Using the engage ability on the beetle has way too large a margin for error and most of the time you end up flying pass the mobs you hit and have to slowly make your way back to the combat. Its even hard to tell if I'm on the ground or not trying to dismount. I end up frustratingly spamming the mount button while moving, waiting for it to respond.

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