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What buffs or tweaks would you like to see?


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Hey there,

With the latest patch; to say a few things were thrown into chaos would be a little bit of an understatement.

Be they switching where certain traits are found in one branch and moving them to another, tweaks or changes to skills - perhaps skin to the recent skill rework of Guardian's 4 on the focus.

When it comes to bringing balance (snaps fingers) or change to a game - communication is key. I play Warframe when I am not playing Guild Wars 2.2 memes have entered they game - 1 being a mechanical pet in a coming update and the other being an NPC named Clem. Perhaps a strange example of how communication occurs within a gaming community; yet with the unfortunate recent happenings - such a thing may be an interesting comparison.I remember back on the old forums prior to their 2.0 - it was quite a surprise for certain classes to ever see their specific developer speaking about changes to the class.With these current forums along with Reddit - I do enjoy seeing the engagement with the community tagged as Arena Net.

Being given prior knowledge of what is to come for an update on how classes perform and what specifically the class balance developers are looking into would allow for greater understanding on the communities behalf and also allow for the community to generate ideas that then create a positive feedback loop for the devs to feed from - in turn creating a positive feedback cycle.

Be your buffs or tweaks to a class reasoned or perhaps a little controversial; please speak so that they can be discussed with a greater depth.


  • base lining 'preparation' would be nice as it feels as one has little wriggle room without the additional initiative

  • a splitting 'lead attacks' into critical strikes and deadly arts for their respective damage focuses

  • perhaps a buff or tweak to both critical strikes and shadow arts: along the lines of entering/exiting stealth and on stealth attack

  • perhaps a little on the controversial side: give stealth to cloak and dagger even if no foe is struck by the attack

  • dead eye to gain F3/F4 - F3 to mark the target (increasing damage taken from DE). F4 to buff own damage (malice on key click rather than generated - matched to mark for balanced cool down)

What buffs/tweaks would you like to see occur on a chosen class?

Are there any skills you wish to see reworked or changed in any way to have greater effect of perhaps greater use because the weapon, utility or trait is often rejected for something else?

Thank you for reading,


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