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thief sajustion for better game play


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i have been thinking of this for some time on were this is having its issue right now. i think i have a few ways for the thief to get better dps and yet still be good with the way anet is mentaly. i think a good way to do this make aa have pasive backstabe.... what i mean by this is simple if im fighting a target in the back i get more damage so no more stealth needed for that but for when you go stealth call the new skill assasionation or something im used to it being called sneak attack but that is me. now you are thinking what do you think this will do. its simple it inproves our dps making mutch closer to the top of the dps polls. this will make the thief still a +1 but also feal more like a normal rogue. this i know is a small change but when done is a hug change for thief over all.

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