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Please Fix the Color Blobbing Issues with Funerary Heavy Leggings. [Game]

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I actually like the design of the leggings, even if I'm indifferent to the rest of the set; but dyeing them has some pretty severe issues. Which material gets colored by which dye slot has some nasty overlap into "color blobbing"; and it makes it impossible to make the metal bits one consistent color.


Figure 1: My norn Revenant disrobed other than the leggings to clearly demonstrate the issue. Notice how the Golden Lion Dye has been applied to only the first dye slot, and so the lower hip plates, rump plate, thigh-guards, and (not visible from this angle) groin plate are correctly dyed. Surely, applying the same dye to the next metal color slot will only dye the other metal pieces, riiiiiight?


Figure 2: WRONG. For whatever asinine reason, the second metal dye slot is lumped together with the cloth "tails" of the leggings' kilt and it colors them as well. This is not pretty, throws off the whole scheme, and ought to be separately customizable from the metal bits. The fact the cloth and metal are not lumped together in this fashion on things like Triumphant Hero's Leggings demonstrates how the programmers are perfectly capable of making this armor piece receive dye correctly, but that someone rushed it during the company prerogative to get Path of Fire out faster.


Figure 3: Dye slot number three colors the "feather" decoration toward the front and the cloth details of the legs themselves; which does make sense; but it also colors the very clearly metallic rim of the kilt's cloth "tails"; which does not. This is further evidence of the "color blobbing"; it would make far more sense for dye slot two to color both the secondary metallic details as well as the rims of the kilt flags.


Figures 4 and 5: The final dye slot colors what I have dubbed the "bling", since I'm not sure whether they're meant to be shinier bits of little metal, coins, or gems. This would make sense if the fourth color slot only dyed those little dots, but sadly yet more color blobbing is still happening; because the little rivets all along the tails of the kilt are colored simultaneously by an unholy and unsightly mixture of the first, third, and fourth dye slots at once. That makes no sense. Same as the metallic rim of the kilt tails, the rivets ought to be colored by the first and second slots, since those are the metal details; instead, they're arbitrarily lumped in with the cloth and gem slots, with only one third of them colored by a metal slot.

I love the texture and silhouette of these leggings, but until the coloring is fixed; they are not doing me any good unlocked in my wardrobe. I can't use a piece this pretty in shape while its dye programming is still afflicted by these inconsistencies.

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