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Party/group/raid wide boons

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Just how much would the game change if this was a thing, like in most other MMOs [mainly WoW]? In my mind, there's no real negative to this, especially if certain AoE boons [like Wells] would still require you to stand on them to get the boons [while other "fart" boons like from Warhorn would just be group-wide].

  1. It would allow people to actually stay in long range for Fractals and Raids, allowing people to use weapons like Longbow in this content again.

  2. Because ANet no longer needs to make mechanics assuming we'll stay super close together to get our buffs, they can make more creative fights that require more movement and timing, similar to how FFXIV's boss mechanics to.

  3. I imagine PvP and WvW would have issues with this since groups would end up fighting fully buffed constantly. Just weaken how the buffs would work in those settings so they're not too oppressive.

  4. It would also allow ANet to balance the game better since, again, they would no longer need to balance with the thought that everyone has to stay together.

  5. It would give people a good reason to actually join groups when doing something rather than using them just to taxi and then leave when they get there.

What do you guys think about this?

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Their initial reason for things not being at 10 was server side stress.

It's interesting however, that as we've gone forward we're seeing more 10 cap boon/buff/effects. At this point either the servers can handle it (newer/better) or the alternatives which are far worse to think about are true.

So i'd say just do it. Let all boons effect up to 10 people in ranges, same for effects. I doubt we'd ever reach a point in any mode that makes it a super group even if that was the case. Instead i think you'd see more specialized groups focused on maximizing critical aspects instead of generalizing.

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Yes, the range, i likely could've worded it better. I don't have much of an issue with the number it affects [makes it so one guy isn't there solely for buffs similar to vanilla WoW, where you brought multiple paladins to pretty much do nothing but blessings].

I just find it ridiculously stupid that, in an MMO, i'm forced into melee range with ranged weapons, not because of boss mechanics, but because buffs have such a pitiful range that I'm forced to do it to even get boons.

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