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Simple Raid necro fix

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Do what you did in PoF with mobs and make bossess apply slow!In PoF mobs do that and it works great!

Now supposedly bosses in raids applied slow on more then few occasions (not saying 100% of the time but often enough).

  1. You get good reward/punishement mechanic - left untended can wipe a raid, cleansing on time prevents that disaster, while letting necro convert it to a boon pumps party quickness!
  2. Necro could become major quickness provider (as scourge), without leaving it's class thematic (condi manipulation).
  3. Don't want a necro still? Good condi cleansing + chrono still work. Nobody is getting their arm twisted.
  4. Easy to balance - not a damaging condi so there are no worries about boss damage going through the roof or being too weak.
  5. Chronobunker could finally get a rest. Rev for alacrity, scourge for main quickness provider...maybe we could finally have something that's not a mesmer do some tanking?

The main issue of necro in raids is that they don't cater to necro's specific strenghts (condition manipulation) at all.Others bring all of their profession to raids and get results, necros have to deal with huge part of their kit being dead there, while at the same time being penalized for it with lower dps (becuase we can do so much already..).

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@Sigmoid.7082 said:

Chronobunker could finally get a rest. Rev for alacrity,
for main quickness provider.

If that happened we would have 2 open slots instead of 4 that we have now......and people ask for class variety lol.

As for what zelf said.....Balancing bosses around classes isnt healthy. U can't make every boss deal a crapton of conditions and get boons 24/7 just so one class can have it's day. That is very shallow thinking. Reaper just needs a major overhaul in order to be competitive dps-wise, that is the problem. Scourge looks promising though :)

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@zealex.9410 said:but necro is fine in pve raids and high rank fraftals.

@CptAurellian.9537 said:True, doc. Besides, necro looks fine with 34k benchmarks or so. That's exactly where DPS specs should be, imho.

This doesn't occur in actual practice, only test dummies. Which is why raids and high rank fractals don't often ask for a Reaper. Reaper does poorly in actual Raid Logs, and offers no buffs.

The reason for this is simple, they strictly rely on Ice Fields.

Scourge may prove far superior, can do 36k~ without Ice Fields, but the Shade is immobile.

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