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Audio Cutting Out

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Now Ive played this game since launch and I asked tech support for solutions I tried them but nothing seemed to work, they said they don't know what it is because its happened on three different machines with different sound cards and operating systems. Ive also change the Windows 16bit/24bit sound and frequencies but had no effect with it. What it is is when I'm in a large battle or even on my own some weapon sounds or sounds in general dont play. Its more often in large boss fights you'll hear maybe three sounds play at a time.

Lets say someone has the dreamer its priority will be way above anything else so you will just hear that instead of my weapon sounds. I had 3 different computers have the same issue and I dont remember my weapons ever doing this when I first played the game. I could hear every swipe and every hit now its every other hit sound plays. I feel like it was after a few updates way back when, did they change it to help with performance and its now a game mechanic in large processing times? Kinda makes it dull sometimes when I dont hear every arrow or gun shot from my character and keeps cutting out just wondered if its normal now for the game? I quit WoW for this game when it came out and WoW didnt do this nor did Black Desert seems to be this game only Im still scratching my head, I still love the game tho not bad mouthing it.

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