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[vid] "Vampire FTW!" Hybrid Vampire Core Necro Roaming + (Build Link >:D)


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@Drarnor Kunoram.5180 said:So, we have weapons and skills...what about traits and gear?

yeah i'll Post them With The Guide but mostly Cele with marshals gear and the traits are ...well if u r real necro u can guess ;)

@EremiteAngel.9765 said:Hello Elwaer. I've seen all your core necro vids. Ty for posting them as they inspired me to give core another go.

THX man ^^

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@DaVid Darksoul.4985 said:Good skill usage tactics. Looked like the life siphon was still working pre balance? How's this build against well seasoned players? Think I'll try this out for fun. Also what sigils you running, looked like geo was one.

blood and geo ... life siphon was better imo before this patch and this build is my aim for a high skill-cap build to fight the big boiz >:D

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