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to the lvl 80 community from a returning player

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((i wasn't sure where this goes. if it goes in another forum, feel free to move it. and i would apologize))

I recently came back to the game this week. I've been away since mid HOT. I think I made it through the LS3 episode1 or 2.I don't have POF. I really really do want it. It sucks to lack features you see players all around you employing. However, I have financial reasons preventing me from doing so.

Ok. so what does this all have to do with everyone else? Well, since returning, on a daily and regular basis am having the same conversation with other level 80 players on the regular. From the guild to people doing the metas in zones. To people who are just helping with a living story portion.

They are zooming around while i'm doing my best to keep up and go along. When I mention or explain I don't have POF, it immediately rolls into an exchange where people ask me a why not. It always comes across like people are astounded and respond as if the only possible reason i don't have it is for some crazy reason i must not want it. That's just not the case. It's not that I don't want it. I want it a lot. I've gone into my long story about those reasons with lots of people.

For some people it's fine. With some, they also add on lots of explaining some really basic features of the game as if i'm just a brand new player. They say if I need help to just ask for it; but then you ask for help on map or in guild with only responses of dead silence.

In any case.. this post is here to just say on behalf of players who don't have POF yet; they probably have a myriad of reasons why they haven't gotten it yet.Most of it probably boils down to money.Some might also have reasons that if they buy one copy; they need to buy multiples for their spouse or children who also play with them.There are lots of legit reasons you can't because adulthood, bills, and murphy's law at work in our lives.I know there are trolls out there who will just taunt because. For the rest of players out there who are good decent people. That maybe by my saying something might empathize or at the least no patronize or condescend on those of us who haven't gotten there yet.

I guess I should probably prepare myself though. Not everyone even reads the forums. I wonder if I should just prepare something i can copy/paste for everyone. XD

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@Dreadshow.9320 said:But there's not much we can do? What do you want us to do here?It was just for sake of understanding. To be treated with less patronizing? It's not asking people to do anything. It's about empathy and just general behavior.

I just don't own POF. I own everything else and have been here since day one. I'm not a F2P'er. ^_^ I been here since beta. I just take hiatuses sometimes. I just came back from being away a while. But I have had lots of people respond to me as though I was intentionally not having it for some ridiculous reason. I get a lot of incredulous reactions from people.

It's easier to make one forum post than to have to reiterate the same spiel for everyone i interact with.

It's also totally ok to not have a solution. The point of this isn't looking for a solution. It's looking for understanding and offering people some food for thought. Sometimes we don't stop to consider other points of view until one is pointed out to us. Happens all the time to people.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

@crepuscular.9047 said:you can save up your gold and convert to gem to buy the expansion from gem store

This is not accurate; one can only purchase expansions with cash.

One can, however, upgrade a Standard Edition to the Deluxe Edition through the Gem Store.

my bad then, thought you could :disappointed:

@"Kheldorn.5123" said:show me, I dare you

already bought the deluxes with real monies, plus spent all my gems on keys :p

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I bought PoF a bit late, when everyone else in my guild already had it. Everytime they did something and I had to follow them on foot, they also asked baffled "why don't you buy it?". The reason back in time, was that I hated mounts, and I really preferred to walk and glide, take the game slowly.I bought PoF in the end, although I still prefer the time when ppl walked on foot: there was more cooperation, I talked much more in /say chat, met more players, and the events didn't finish in few seconds. Nowadays is impossible to kill a legendary in SilverWastes for someone who still needs the achievement.I feel you, but unfortunately we can't come back. Unless you only play with other ppl without mounts, sooner or later you'll be forced to buy it (maybe taking advantage of a 15€ discount).

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