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Stuff that describes GW2's pvp state

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I just had an idea after the GW2 pvp matches I had today; make a thread to post humorous and otherwise cool stuff that fits GW2's pvp state, whether symbolically (or bluntly). The pacing has gotten so fast, sometimes I actually die before I realize it, and sometimes right before I land a killing blow i just explode... then I had me a thought... this reminds me of something i couldn't put my finger on, then after lying there on the ground, and seeing the guy who ressed me get instantly downed the moment the first green digits appeared, I remembered, Man oh man does this describe the whole PVP situation:

Notice how at 1:06 he was only able to react fast enough to apply condi cleanse and a stun break AFTER the 90 percent of his health was gone:

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