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Can we please have New makeover options instead of gliders?

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Gliders and cosmetics are gw2 endgame!

Just kidding, but on a more serious note:Aside from humans, it's been awhile since the gw2 races have had a decent cosmetic update. (except the charr horns)

  1. Things that would be amazing to see: New body types- muscular/ heavy
  2. New tattoos; a mix of tattoos (Norn wear face AND choose the body tattoos they want)
  3. New asura ears, New ear types for Sylvari
  4. New Hairstyles- long hairstyles for humans, sylvari and asura, curly hairstyles for humans and norn. More nordic hairstyles for norn.
  5. New and pretty/ handsome faces. Better editing options.
  6. Different eye colors, heterochromia (blue and green eye/ brown eye blue eye etc)
  7. Better beards
  8. Scars
  9. Ombre hair for all races
  10. New idle animations.

That would just about do it for me.I feel like people have been asking for these things for quite some time. I don't see people asking for new gliders as much as they do GW2's much needed (and lack of) cosmetic updates

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