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Need a new tank or maybe i dont?

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I recently switched my gaurdian to pow dps FB and i am quite happy with it. The only problem im having atm is that i sometimes take smaller groups thrue dungeons along with my guild and i alway use to take a tank gaurdian for the role but i cant do that any more so i was wondering is there an easy replacement that could support a random group do decent damage and tank for lets say a group of 3 to 4 players? Is it a chrono tank? Is chrono tank easy to master? Do i just buy exotics for my gaurdian and swithch back to that useless tanking style? Need some help please

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If we are talking dungeons you dont need that "useless tanking style" for anything. Full dps can go through dungeons fine (even more important if you want to run with 3-4 as you need all the damage you can get).

Worst case scenario, you can go a little hybrid with some decent heal support, which is pretty much any class except thief. Personally I am in favor of things like condi+heal if one want to lean more towards healing. Scourge/reaper in particular can tank pretty much anything. I soloed that stupid mushroom queen in tangled depths on an apotechary scourge minion master once, full heal/tank barrier setup. Not amazing dps by any stretch of the imagination, but its not that bad.

You could always try a burn heal tank guard, lol. Since I mostly play WvW its never impressed me but the low hp isnt such a hindrance in PvE.

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Hello. There is no tanking in dungeons because mobs chose targets randomly. I would say that chronomancer is hard to master because you need to plan your skills so you have them at a right time but you cannot wait too long or your group lose your buffs.If you want a build that has good damage and support check dps support firebrand on metabattlehttps://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Firebrand_-_Quickness_DPS

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