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Quality of Life - Legendaries and Merchants

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@Klowdy.3126 said:

@Danikat.8537 said:Which legendaries are sellable?

I checked with my Dreamer and it doesn't appear in the merchants list, or on the TP. I assumed it was the same for all of them.

I would guess first generation legendaries, which are sellable on the TP.

Ah, so maybe it's only unbound ones which are sellable? I've never checked that. 2/3 legendaries I've made only stayed unbound long enough for me to take a screenshot of it coming out the Forge before I equipped them (and took more screenshots). The 3rd one I actually had for a couple of days while I raised the 110g I needed to sell it, but I put it in my invisible bag and then didn't touch it again until I took it out to sell because I was so worried I'd accidentally bind it to my account, or somehow delete it, even though I know you can't do that without typing out the name.

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