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Spear on Mounts

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there have been many discussions about the spear beeing unlocked as new weapon (and i totally like this idea).

But that would be really hard for anet in terms of balancing, which class gets the spear etc.

So what do you think about spears beeing used on mounts, whithout beeing dismounted of course?

Each mount could have a special skill for the spear, here some examples:

Raptor: When you use the skill, a green line disappears in order to choose the direction in which the raptor will push forward, damaging every foe within a small range along the line and applying a condition (whatever this could be?).

Springer: Jump into a group of foes (like a stomp with a green aoe field to choose), hitting 5 enemies around that area with your spear quickly and jump out again.

Skimmer: no idea...

Jackal: Just a quick attack with short recharge (1/2 second), so you can blink into a group of foes, do some attacks, blink out etc., maybe apply bleeding or whatever.

Roller Beetle:...

Griffon: Throw spear(s) while in the air.

Unlocking via mastery points, of course new achievments etc ?

Those are some very basic ideas, so feel free to add some better ones!

And: Sorry for my english, i‘m no native speaker ?

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