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Whats a really good mesmer build for PVP right now? (Mirage, chrono, etc.)


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Since the nerf, condi mirage feels kinda, meh, I feel like my warrior is the better contestant now in 1v1s and such. So I'm kinda lost on looking for a good build for my mesmer, I can find builds for other professions I like, but not one for mesmer yet thats pretty good. Any advice?

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@Abelisk.4527 said:

@Abelisk.4527 said:Chronobunk isn't used not due to its sustain but because it doesn't do as much damage as it used to. Just saying.

What chrono bunker build do you use?

I was referring to the meta build used on Metabattle.com + Godsofpvp.net

Both severely outdated, considering the patch 3 days ago started shifting the meta hard. Some of those builds haven’t been updated for at least 6 months.

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