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[NA][WvW] Visceral Rising [vR] Sanctum of Rall [EU] timezone


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Visceral Rising [vR] is a fresh guild now recruiting officers and soldiers for WvW! We are based in EUROPE. The guild is brand new and is based in Sanctum of Rall server. Whether you are a returning guild wars player or existing it doesn't matter. SoR definitely has vacancy in the server (monkaS) - 500 gems , so even if you are someone who wants to play more wvw and your server isn't big on it or great when it comes to WvW then SoR and vR is the place for you! Bring your friends, even guildies if you are apart of a small guild then that's fine! Hopefully we can become well known and respected in the SoR community. So mainly I am directing this at people that are not yet in this server to help grow the WvW presence during EU timezone.

Current scheduled evenings: All times are 6pm GMT (1pm EST, 10am PST)

MondayTuesdayWednesday (?)Thursday

Contact Info:

Please contact myself (kayoszx.7958) in game for more information.

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