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Time out during boss instances/cutscenes

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Ok im normally not one to rant...but after this happening to myself and my girlfriend im fed up. This is a game breaking bug...and its frustrating. I did some digging on the forum and ive seen innumerous threads of people complaining about this and yet this bug is still in the game. Why would you as the dev's ignore such a game breaking issue? This makes zero sense to me as it can only drive your customer/players away from your game. Ive had it happened 5 times in glints lair..and now at the tomb of primeval kings story mission(pof) it happened to myself and my girlfriend twice in a row. Not to mention that as we went thru it(on the same point in our arcs) I was getting no credit and she got no credit in the time she went thru glints lair with me. It always seems to happen when near the end at a ingame cutscene when the timeouts occur.

Can anyone else out there chime in on me with this? as this is ridiculous.

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