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Marauder's Sword Weaver Viability


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Master's Fortitude doesn't work with Elements of Rage, so there's no point taking it over Superior Elements in pve.

A full ascended berserker's with no +stat infusions has 2826 power, 247.13% critc dmg, 50.76% critc chance unbuffed: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAsYncMANNgF5CmMA8RgFBALIAUAOA3r6Z9tu4N0E/kA-jhRBABPcCAA4BAYmSQ80DQp6PXt/o8DA-e

A full ascended maruader with no +stat infusions has 2618 power, 223.33% critc dmg, 60.86% critc chance unbuffed: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAsYncMANNgF5CmMA8RgFBA7eVPrv1BBgCwBo4N0E/kA-jxRBQBZU53DOBA5TPwV2fwkKBTo6PA4BAAA-e

Looking at those numbers, it'll be 7.3% less power and 23.8% less critc damage for 10.1% more critc chance. With Fury, Spotter, Superior Elements, and Banner of Discipline increasing critc chance, the critc chances for berserkers will be 98.6% vs marauder's 100%. Seems like marauders will still be flat out worse than berserkers, so it's not "viable" in that sense.

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