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[EU][PvE] Madness and Method [MaM] recruiting core raid players


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My guild, Madness and Method [MaM] is recruiting players for our core guild raid team.

About us:We're a small, close-knit guild that has been raiding together since raid released. 3 of our team are from the original Vale Guardian group. We're a social/casual guild and enjoy that as a part of our raiding, but we also enjoy progression and succeeding as a team. Many of us are busy and do not have the time to commit to playing the game every day, but we make the time to come together as a team for raid. We are are fully cleared, but have lost some of our core team as the academic year is coming to an end, and we're looking for new players to replenish our roster and work on weekly clears. We communicate over Discord.

Raid info:Raid days: Tuesday and WednesdayTime: 19:00 - 22:00 GMT

Expected commitments:

  • Show up on raid days on time (at 18:45 - 15 minutes before we are due to start at 19:00)
  • Be fully prepared on the character(s) you are playing (geared, consumables available, ready to start)
  • Outside of raid in spare time, work on improving your performance to the best of your ability
  • Communicate to the team if you are unable to attend

The right player:The right player will be one who has the right balance between being able to socialise and have fun with us in raid (which is a fairly high priority to us) and knowing your characters/raid encounters well enough to have solid performance. Ideally, you are already experienced in each encounter and can offer (or are looking to) more than one profession/role. You can attend our raid days/times and are looking for a small, casual/social raid team - we want you to be happy with us as much as we are with you.

If you are interested/have any questions, please message me in-game on Larky.3065 or on Discord at Raeyn#3143 - thank you!

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