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[Raid][EU] Crossroads Inn Raid Training guild/discord server is looking for Commanders


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The Crossroads Inn [EU] raid training Discord server is looking for players who want to teach raids! We have been a raid training community for over a year, running trainings 3 times per week. Through the hard work of many wonderful commanders, we have helped countless players get their start in raids, and hopefully have improved the pug experience for all of you! Our trainees' thirst for knowledge is never quenched, thus we are always looking for experienced raiders to give back to the community by joining us as a commander.

About the training raids:Training raids take place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 18:00 GMT. They last for at least 2 hours, but not more than 3. The bosses are broken up into 3 levels:

  • Beginner [Tuesday] includes Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Trio, Glenna escort, Mursaat Overseer, and Statues of Grenth. Tuesday trainings are open for all trainees, regardless of rank.

  • Intermediate [Thursday] includes Sabetha, Slothasor, Keep Construct, Cairn, Samarog, Soulless Horror, River of Souls. Thursday training is open to trainees who have achieved the rank of Tier I+ (which you can read about in our faq section on discord).

  • Advanced [saturday] includes Matthias, Xera, Deimos, and Dhuum. Saturday training is open to trainees who have achieved the rank of Tier II+ (which you can read about in our faq section on discord).

What we require of Commanders:

  • Commanders are not required to know every boss- you will choose the days you lead and only lead bosses you're confident in.

  • You should be comfortable on at least two roles (we define 3 roles: chrono, druid/healer, and DPS).

  • You should be comfortable talking and calling out mechanics in raids, and have patience with trainees.

  • Teach at least one training raid per month to maintain Commander rank.

You are not alone: we have a role called "Aide" who is paired with a commander, as someone you can talk to and rely on during the raid. The Aide role is perfect for someone who is comfortable on most bosses and speaking over voice comms, but maybe isn't confident enough to lead a training themselves.

What we expect of trainees:Trainees are expected to show up on time and be prepared, with at least 2 hours dedicated to the training. Our requirements are exotic armor, ascended weapons, ascended trinkets, appropriate food and utility, using a meta build found on Snow Crows website https://snowcrows.com/builds/ . We teach raid mechanics; we do not teach class rotations (though we are always willing to answer any questions, and things like build and utility switches are covered during the raid).

When you read this, just think of the first days when you started raiding and the people who helped you out at the beginning- those who shared their experience and patiently got you through all the bosses until you started killing them seamlessly. Maybe it’s time to pay this forward and help someone else who starts raiding just now and struggles with the same stuff!

Future commanders, aides, and trainees can join our server with this link: https://discord.gg/nZg52r3 Please read through our faq section upon joining. If you are interested in becoming a commander, you can send me a mail in game or message any Staff or Admin in the discord server. We look forward to meeting you! --And yes, we do have an in-game guild for members who want to chat in game!

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