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Black screened twice in one match.


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It happened during a Legacy of the Foefire match, unranked, I think, not too long from now. First few minutes were okay, but then as I'm in the middle of a fight near the quarry the game suddenly blackscreens on me. No disconnection, the cursor's still there, I can hear the ambient sound, but nothing else. I have to X out of the game and restart it, getting back in, only to have in black screen again shortly after I get back to the quarry. This time I wait a bit to see if it'll stop, but eventually I have to quit out again. I don't get back in before the match ends, so I get hit with 10 minute dishonor, for something that I couldn't do anything about.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem so far, since it seems to only crop up in PvP, and this hasn't happened before. I was playing fine about a day ago, so what changed?

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