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Abysmal Story Achievement Hunting: Fix This

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Why can't I skip dialogue and story steps to get to one specific achievement in story achievement hunting after I have already finished the story? The story is fantastic one time through, maybe twice but some achievements require a few tries - forcing us to sit through 15 minutes or more of unnecessary preamble to get to a segment which might take 2-5 minutes to complete. Couldn't you separate each story instance in to achievement segments for those who have finished the story?Also map boundaries should NOT kick a player out of the map instantly! A dust mite cloud pushed me in a boundary and out of an instance negating an achievement I had accomplished.

Solutions: A door icon so players can quickly leave and restart an instance. Unlock story segments for achievement hunters after the story is finished one time through. For boundaries, have them just set us back somewhere on the map instead of kicking us right out.

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