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So I posted this in a different forum that was talking about the patch...

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They deleted it and sent me a warning stating it was off subject so I will just put it here, considering it is a valid point.

Okay...so I know I complained that my Thief did not have weapon skills that gave stealth and therefor...I had to add stealth to my build to actually use my malice. Now thanks to this brilliant move you have entirely broken my build as far as malice goes...

You have ruined one in the chamber as I now will be dumping my malice every time I use a mantra....seriously? Do you guys even know what your skills do or do you just choose to make the classes pointless?

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Some clarity perhaps as to what your issue is? We do not have Mantras and the DE line gives Cantrips. Using a Cantrip does not use Malice unless it Mercy.

One in the chamber was not really changed and gives an added stolen item on using a Cantrip. I suspect you are referring to STOLEN items giving stealth?

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