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Started HoT after beating base game and have no idea whose these people are


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As the above responses said, they were introduced in Season 1, which was designed as temporary content in the open world and thus cannot easily be brought back into the game. I'll summarize their history a bit.

Braham is Eir's son, who lived in a small village of Cragstead. Rox is a gladium who has some sort of bond with Rytlock Brimstone. We first met them after the Molten Alliance, a group of dredge and Flame Legion working together, attacked parts of Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks.Marjory Delaqua is a human detective who investigated the mysterious death of one of the Captain Council in Lion's Arch. Kasmeer Meade is a noble who temporarily lost her title and works with Marjory.Taimi is an ambitious young asura who was fascinated by Scarlet Briar's technology, she was the villain for the latter half of Season 1. She formed a strong bond with Braham.Canach is a sylvari who caused trouble on Southsun Cove and later got arrested and held at the Vigil Headquarters. Lady Anise bought his billet in Season 2, and had him doing various jobs in the interest of the Shining Blade.

I think that's all the characters that were introduced outside of the personal story. ArenaNet didn't do a very good job introducing them to people who weren't regular players, which might have been part of why Path of Fire had you go mostly alone into Elona before reintroducing the regular characters.

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unless you played through Season 1, which I have not for the first 2 years of the game because of overheating PC, i felt the season 1 recap is pretty bad even trying to connect up to Season 2

i recommend watch this for a proper recap of season 1

season 1 was implemented with anet's true concept of living world in mind, where the story made changes to the world of Tyria, and player characters can participate in the world as it changes (not like WoW:Cata, drop patch and BAMH! whole world changed)the drawback of this concept is as we know today, anet is unable to bring back Season 1 as playable content without a huge undertaking, and players who never played during Season 1 feels a disconnection in the flow of the story

season 2 should be still available in gemstore

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