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WvW focused Scout/BL Commander looking for guild with comms


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Alliances are coming soon.

Many of us with a focus on WvW, but not are locked into it - guild missions and helping guildmates is a well rounded view of GW2's guild strengths, many are looking for guilds where communications, is key.

We all know that comms make it far more likely a 'smaller' group will win against even a larger group not using comms.

I am not looking for a specific server, I am looking for a guild that values people and promotes from within by using what people do as a metric for promotions.

I can keep most commander's core, what stands around him/her, from falling to snipers and stealthers.

I am a scout who knows why a callout must be made even if numbers are not stated if it's overwhelming to those defending and we would lose the property or have far more damage than if a callout isn't made. I will call out and then scout the numbers, direction, guild, etc on comms when I verify, but typing and fighting just doesn't work.

Using tactics and siege; I see so many who take them for granted or use them wrongly. I can teach a few basics in less than five minutes on using both, and I have a very solid idea on siege laying that will keep those who aren't masters from ever getting on it and slowing down the 'take'. Speed matters and will matter even more in the alliances.

I am vocal, helpful and most importantly, passionate about my chosen hobby, if truth is a problem, please be nice and move on.

But, if you are after NA Prime for gameplay, anytime from 11pm to 11am PST US, please message me in game if you want a scout who will also be an asset to any group large or small.

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