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I'm back what class Shall I go for?

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As has been said, depends on your preferred play style! My favorite is Ranger personally because I've been a big fan of ranged attacking + having pets to run and fight alongside since I started playing the game. Plus the new Soulbeast stuff has been really fun to play around with as well.

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Pick something you'd thematically enjoy and just roll with it for a bit.Do some PvE, take it into some Unranked or Custom PvP... If you like it, stick with it. If you don't like it, look the the next thing you think you'd enjoy and repeat.Every class can do everything. Some classes do one thing better than others, sometimes a class gets overly buffed or overly nerfed... It simply always happens in games.Regardless of what you pick, if you enjoy the theme, the style and the mechanics, you will always be able to simply enjoy the game as it is.

And ofcourse, GW2 is a very alt-friendly game. Just create something new and roll with it until you like what you got.Even then, multiclassing is a good thing, makes you appreciate and understand what others do too, which can be very beneficial.Like... It's nice to have a main, but even if you got 30+ characters, you will always end up going back to that one class and that one character that you enjoy to play the most, regardless of meta or whatnot. If you enjoy it, you'll find away to make it work.There's always going to be elitists that will kick you in PvE Raids, WvW Squads and/or will bash on you in PvP. That'll happen regardless of what you play etc. so don't let that hold you back. People will always be dicks if given the chance, even in a game with generally such a friendly community. But here will always be like-minded people who will take you into their groups.

So to come back to it... Just go with what you enjoy. Finding out what it is will just take a bit of time.

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@"Masterdarkjedi.3756" said:any mods or addon that helps you with gathering, is there any class that is good at gathering mining etchttp://i64.tinypic.com/jjryia.jpgLooking at engineer right now also how do I get a mount I only have the basic game guild war 2 no expansion?

Taco I guess? Add-ons are use at your own risk though, if anet feels that the add on you are using are against their tos, they will take proper action. Gathering is only affected by your gathering tools, all classes gather the same way. Mounts are only for those that own path of fire expansion.

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