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Challenge: For one day (July 15) we do Megadestroyer meta full Melee only

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@Lambent.6375 said:

@Just a flesh wound.3589 said:Die in lava. Wp out. run back. Die in lava. Wp out. Run back. Die in lava. Wp out. Run back.

Sounds like fun.

I don't know if they changed this, but if everyone moves back away from that ledge he will come onto land.

Like that will ever happen though. >_>

As with many things in this game. The real challenge is herding other players.

Which is why I wonder why the OP thinks this is a challenge. Everyone in melee will also avoid triggering Megadestroyer from using its fireball attack and you just have to stand at max melee range. That is about as easy as fights can get.

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