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[Suggestions] Sword tweaks for viable hybrid weapon


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Weaver sword is lacking dmg and some speed. Here are a few suggestions:Auto-chains need to be more rewarding.all #3 skills seems to be very slow, specially the non channeled ones.

FireFire is all about lasting dmg, power and condi (burn) mix. Attacks should have a lower power dmg than air, but leave lasting effects as fire fields and burn stacks.Auto-chain: slightly increase power coefficients, add 3/6/10% increased dmg against burning foes and/or include other burning stacks (1s/2s/2x3s) to respective steps 1/2/3 .Fire#2: Increase field duration.Fire#3: Could be a bit faster, seems longer than 3/4s.

AirAir is about quick and numerous strikes, critical dmg and vulnerability.Auto-chain: Heavily increase power coefficients or increase and distribute number of lightening strikes. This chain needs to be faster, move swiftness to first strike and give a 1s quickness to second strike.Air#3: This feels veeeery slow, not sure if its actually 3/4s, feels much slower.

WaterWater is about healing and cleansing and sustaining alliesAuto-Chain: Healing coefficients seem way too low.

EarthEarth is about durability and outlasting foes, reducing dmg and applying cripples and bleeds.Auto-chain: move cripple to first strike and first bleed to last strike (cripple - 1x bleed - 2x bleeds).Earth#2: Add some barrier to it after the evade.Earth#3: This one is a flurry attack and is faster than the other single hits one.. This one feels great compared to the others, make the others as smooth as this one.

Dual SkillsFire/Air#3: Slightly increase the vortex duration and power coefficient.Air/Earth#3: There seems to be a LOT of after-cast on this, I find myself locked in the skill as long as the CC lasts making it just a interrupt skills.

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