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Soulbeast Sucks


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Some tweaks to my build have brought me around to liking soulbeast a bit more. The only reason I kept trying to find a way to make SB work for me is that I main a condi druid (shortbow/axe+torch) and I hate how projectile dependent it is. It's never really been a problem since I don't spvp in condi mode, but I just dislike that 9 out of 10 weapon abilities are projectile based (projectile finishers are nice, but eh).

Not gonna post the whole thing here, but basically running Iboga/Marsh Drake and working in bleed/burn/poison all pretty prominently into the rotation, I find that I can put out a ton of condi and pulsing trap damage at the same time. Weps are shortbow/dagger+torch, all gear/trinkets/back are ascended viper. My condi druid build was obviously much harder to kill, but I definitely kill faster as an SB at the risk of downing here and there.

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@drgast.1469 said:but the core part of the spec is solid imho.

The core part isn't solid until they add pet swap in beastmode, fix the bugs and give us effects in beastmode that are currently missing (like warhorn 5).I've said it several times before, this spec has the potential to be a lot of fun and quite good when they fix these things and tune the numbers of underperforming skills/traits. The execution however still feels like a beta.

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