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{NSP} Chariot of Fire [FIRE] - Christian | NA | WvW | PvE


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Chariot of Fire [FIRE] is a Christ-centered, family-friendly PvX fellowship that is located on the Northern Shiverpeaks server in Guild Wars 2. Originally created in 2007 in the first Guild Wars, the [FIRE] guild has a rich history within the Guild Wars community. Our members share a common goal: to enjoy the game in a God-honoring, family-friendly gaming environment. Our guild is based upon four major tenants that define us:


- Christ-Centered -

The very essence of our guild is a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our goal to be a Christ-Centered community and we desire to honor God in all that we do. It is our belief that our faith is primary and our gaming is secondary, and we have a strong hope that others we interact with see Christ shining through us.

- Family-Friendly -

Our goal is for every member to play in a comfortable environment where they are in control of the conduct they absorb. By maintaining a family-friendly environment, our gaming fellowship is safe for gamers of all ages. We have established a Biblically-based Standards of Conduct that assist in maintaining our family-friendly environment.

- Fellowship-Oriented -

Fellowship is what drives us to play with each other. We are more than an in-game character, but a real person that lives on past the log-in screen. We encourage fully immersing into the social experience that comes with our fellowship, which includes in-game collaboration, website communication, and Teamspeak communication.

- Community-Minded -

Jesus met with people where they were at, and He built relationships with those people, regardless of stature. We are not an exclusive guild that wishes to hide away. We wish to build relationships with those in the community around us, and use our Godly example of Christ to positively influence them for Jesus. We regularly interact with others in our server community, and we hope to continue to be highly regarded as a friendly and helpful community.


[FIRE] members engage in group activities in all areas of Guild Wars 2, but have a stronger presence in World Versus World in our organized activities. Our guild is heavily invested in the Northern Shiverpeaks server/alliance community, and we engage in multiple coordinated WvW activities each week. In addition to WvW, we have a healthy level of individual and small group casual PvE with occasional member-led activities. Our desire is to have a healthy balance between WvW organized raiding and PvE activities. At this time we are NOT actively raiding in PvE raids, though we have in the past and we may start up again in the future, should interest return. We will accept new members from ANY server, but those that wish to participate in our growing WvW sector will need to be on Northern Shiverpeaks or be willing to transfer to NSP from their current server.

- World Versus World -

  • Weekly Coordinated Raids | Weekly Coordinated Havoc | Server Community Tag Support

- Player Versus Environment -

  • Casual Dungeon/Fractals | Casual Farming | Casual Living Story


- Times of Activity -

Though we have members that play all hours of the day, our busiest and “official” play times are as follows:

  • North American East Coast – 8pm-11pm EST (Most coordinated activities during this time period)
  • North American West Coast – 11pm-1am EST (Some small group activities during this time period)

- Social Activity -

  • Website: https://firegaming.org
  • Facebook: Chariot of Fire – Christ-Centered Gaming Group
  • Teamspeak: Northern Shiverpeaks Community Server
  • Discord: http://discord.firegaming.orgNOTE: Discord is used as an ongoing social chat while outside the game, but all voice chat is exclusively done through Teamspeak.

- Contact Information -

Contact any of our officer team here or in-game at any time with any questions or concerns!

  • Xivor (xivor.8754) – Guild Leader/WvW Driver
  • Aleron (Aleron.6357) – Officer
  • JackBQuick (jackbquick.1843) – Officer
  • Azurene (Azurene.4079) – Officer

- Policies & Application -

Visit our website at https://firegaming.org

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Hello there! Sorry for the late response! We have a few players on in the mornings, but not many. The afternoon picks up a bit.

FIRE is still recruiting! We have been running consistantly weekly in WvW and have been providing strong tag support for other server guilds, especially PB.

In our recruiting efforts, we are openly recruiting ALL Christian players, but we are especially are looking specifically for the following skillsets:

  • WvW Commanders that can lead fights and drive a 15-20 man melee ball.
  • WvW Havoc leaders that can lead WvW efforts for the guild on off nights.
  • WvW-loving players that are willing to run team-oriented builds.
  • PvE players willing to run team-oriented builds for our Raid efforts.

We are a guild that has a near all Christian membership that have placed trust in Jesus Christ as savior. We are openly accepting applications for those that fit this category. Additionally, we are open to accept applications from those that do not necessarily identify as a born-again Christian, but desire a family-friendly gaming environment that is free from cursing and sexual conversation and are respectful of the faith-oriented nature of the guild.

Visit our website at https://firegaming.org/ to read up on us!

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The Chariot of Fire [FIRE] guild is still kicking! We have really built a wonderful family here, with some amazing people whom have become an awesome circle of friends! We are still active in WvW, with weekly organized raids, organized havoc, and tons of nightly zerg support. We have also been very active in raiding with multiple Vale Guardian kills under our belt, and working on our 2nd boss now!.

FIRE is a community. We are a family. We are invested in our server family on Northern Shiverpeaks, and will follow the core when we break up into alliances. We maintain a Christian standard of conduct, and our servermates respect our standards and still run with us weekly. God has blessed our guild for the 10+ years we have been in GW1/GW2.

Visit our website at https://firegaming.org/ to read up on us!

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I joined FIRE almost a year ago, and the guild has been a blessing the whole time. It's great seeing Christians counsel each other and keep each other accountable, besides getting together in-game to have fun. I was amazed by how different it made the atmosphere of the game feel. Lord willing, I'm staying with FIRE for as long as GW2 is around, or even beyond!

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I've been in FIRE for about 3 and a half years. I enjoy the community and, honestly, it keeps me playing GW2. I've made some good friends that I hope to visit some day. We keep in contact in game and on FB and Discord when not in game. It's a good group of people.

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Been in the guild for almost 2 years, and I'm super happy to have found a community that has similar values to mine. Everyone is super approachable and guild chat is usually filled with help and advice with the game, as well as humor that is safe for the family and kids to look over and wonder why people are being dorks. Made a lot of friends, and I'm hoping to make more as newcomers join in.

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Chariot of Fire still has an active presence on the Northern Shiverpeaks community. FIRE is a great place. We are an anchor guild within the server community, and we are an anchor guild to the upcoming alliance as well.

At this time, FIRE is conducting 3-5 WvW activities each week, ranging from havoc runs, to coordinated 15+ man fight-oriented raids, to organized tag support for other server guilds. Though we classify ourselves as "PvX" and though many of our members are PvE only, we have a solid WvW core with a decent supporting PvX group that rotates in as interest builds. Our core does run guild builds which have been refined for our strengths as players and as a guild group, with regard to the skill updates and current "metagame".

We are looking to build up our WvW roster a bit more. Members that thrive here are ones that are looking for coordinated WvW activity, but not elitist and perfect fight-standards activity. We are a community first, WvW guild second. Our main core is people that joined the guild for a Christian community, not WvW, so skill levels in FIRE range from newbie to always-did-WvW-since-day-1. This means that those that would love to learn WvW are easily able to find a home with us. We do not push aside any member from our WvW activities, but encourage all to participate, even if all you have is a longbow core Ranger. However, if you do...I WILL help and probably pay you to learn and gear something better. :-)

We have a thriving Christian community with deep roots into the Northern Shiverpeaks alliance/server. And we are looking for more like-minded individuals, especially those willing to learn WvW or those already experienced.

For those that are skilled and understand WvW builds, FIRE is looking to build up more of the following classes/roles to adjust to the changing meta:

Support TempestFrontline Support/DPS HeraldCelestial Firebrand

Visit us at http://firegaming.org or join us at http://discord.firegaming.org to chat some more about our guild.

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