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How does /v2/wvw/matches/stats endpoints teams and guilds work?

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Hi everyone,

in the API main page, there are these endpoints:/v2/wvw/matches/stats/:id/teams/:team/top/kdr/v2/wvw/matches/stats/:id/teams/:team/top/kills/v2/wvw/matches/stats/:id/guilds/:guild_id

How does any of these work? :id represents the match, right? So 2-1 to 2-5 or 1-1 to 1-4If I add the team (red, blue or green) into the first two then I always get an empty array: []And whatever guild ID I enter into the last one, I always get {"text": "no data for guild"} even so I entered a guild ID from one of the claimed_by entries from the objectives from one of the matches.

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@"Malfrador.3615" said:I bump this up as the API seems to be getting updates again. Even if its not completely implemented yet, would be a nice feature (and seems to have worked in the past: http://wvw-community.com/week)

that is a new website....they took the api of the registered usersthey check the kills of the registered users on reset time or whatever time they decided to store the datathen compare it to the kills on the current timethen u get the resultthere is nothing special about itwhatever stated in that site is nothing but simple math calculations by periodically checking and storing the kill counts of individual users

the stated api on first post never once workedat least i don't remember seeing it worked.

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