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Scourge - Torch of Proficiency Greyed Out

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I just returned after about a year away and found that I had saved up enough hero points to fill out my elite specialization. I chose Scourge.

Problem: Torch Proficiency shows as greyed out still even though Scourge is at 100%. I tried to equip a torch but it's red, indicating the specialization Scourge is required.

Screenshot of elite specialization wheel:https://imgur.com/sNllMkc

Screenshot of torch, can't equip:https://imgur.com/dtsNztg

I tried to click on Torch but the tooltip says 'you can wield torches' so I'm confused about what to do. I'm level 80 and I have all the core completed (see screenshot). Do I need part of Reaper or something?

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