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A little love for the reaper.


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As of recent I have come to love reaper more and more, so I just want to share a lil bit of love ( despite all the bad things ), on this class and reaper specialization in general. I have an oldish PC and cant currently afford a new one ( at this point I am pretty used to lag and bad fps in LA and what not ), and I have mained a mesmer for a very long time, I did after all start this game because they had mesmers in them, so sometimes open world and fractals can be a bit of a chore ( for some reason my PC is calm in raids ).

I did made a necro last year after I watched Thor Ragnarok and fell in love with how Kate played Hella, altho I did name my necro after another 2 heroes in the end. I enjoyed leveling and playing open world with her, it was fun it was easy dmg was meh but I was able to solo a bunch of stuff. Once I got to 80 I was so obsessed to get to Scourge the whole barrier thing was so appealing to me, and since my guild was starting to do raids at the time, our healer wanted to have a scourge for epi and barrier... Something really felt off I couldn't do the rotations properly and Idk I just didn't enjoy playing it. I also had arcdps at the time and my dmg was so low that I felt like I was pulling my group down, I played a bit with reaper, but again the dmg was so low comparing to anyone else I felt like I am more of a burden.Now don't get me wrong I LOVE MIRAGE, but I have been trying to make it into whats not for a while now. I searched and tested and tried to make a build that will work for most content so that I don't feel like I am pulling anyone down, but due to my PC open world and fractals can be a nightmare at times. So today after like 10th wipe while learning some t3 fractal that we didn't try before, I decided to just switch my gear to my necro.... Didn't work I just cant wrap my head around the scourge.Now while I was dead on the ground and waiting to be ressed I decided to just switch to reaper, and oh boy everything became so much easier!

I now don't have arcpds anymore I tend to compare myself way too much, I also like to run training runs and help newbies so I don't see the point in it anymore, I did initially install it to see how much dps my mirage is actually doing since golem can't test confusion well. And I feel so sad that I shelved my necro, even tho I was never into the whole "dark" theme and generally always preferred the "good" or "light" guys in comics, books, movies I just love how this specialization plays! It has everything I need, the build that with lil change I can use in both open world, fractal and raid ( not gonna mention PvP since I don't PvP much and when I do I usually do use reaper ), it has the rotation I can easy get behind and feel "natural" ( altho gs is still a bit clunky for me ), I like to play a bit range when I can ( I know in raids u need stack I know ) and I can still bck out and do "some" dmg when needed.I know my dmg is poop comparing to my mirage in same gear, but I just love it I am having way to much fun time with this class and especially reaper to again leave it to collect dust. I so wanted to play more this morning ( I hate u arcpds for making my reaper collect dust I am not installing u ever again), that I was so super sad to leave for work ( I am sad everyday but today is more ), and I cant wait to play a bit more tonight!

Sorry for the longish post I just fell in love xD And I really wish this class will be looked at properly, I rarely pug and tend to stick with friends I know a lot of people don't and its sad to be kicked because of the playstyle u enjoy playing :/

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