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Return of the Gods? (PoF spoilers)


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@ThatOddOne.4387 said:I'm not sure whether it's correct with what people are saying when they say the Gods are afraid of the Dragons.I interpreted it as Kormir saying that the Gods COULD fight the Dragons, possibly win (Because the Gods can act in concert and the Dragons cannot), but the collateral damage caused in the process would be staggering, and that's not even factoring the instability caused by dead dragons on the world itself.Like, Gods vs Dragons would be the equivalent of the Gods basically dropping atomic weapons (Massively powerful spells) at the Dragons to kill them. Which causes collateral, the way the races deal with Dragons is a kind of death by 10,000 cuts business. That's why Gods vs Dragon/s would cause more damage than races of Tyria vs Dragon/s.

That's true but in fact we'll end up screwing over the world just the same as the gods would have if we can't fix the current imbalance that we ourselves caused. We might though, and it's actually a good thing that most of the human gods saw fit to give Tyria a chance.

They still all feel rather ineffectual mind you and I'm kinda glad they've departed. Should be interesting to see how humanity changes once it's common knowledge that the gods have departed. Will we become more Charr-like? Sylvari?

Maybe humanity will end up being the new Forgotten's. New Exalted's? Preserving the understanding of magic, dragons, and the balance necessary in Tyria? Assuming we don't breed hardcore and end up being a more populous race in Tyria again.

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@"Konig Des Todes.2086" said:Interesting concept.

I'm also not certain that we've seen the last of the gods. Aside from the matter of Dhuum and Menzies being left unanswered still, and the question of what happened to Balthazar's original divine magic and who or what now houses such power, PoF promotions were with more than a handful of comments of Anet going "we always knew we'd have to turn back to the gods". They wouldn't be making such claims if this was the full extent of such a return, imho.

I agree; they may have withdrawn from the current conflict with the Elder Dragons, but I'm doubtful they have completely abandoned Tyria. Dwayna, Melandru, Lyssa, etc. love humanity too much; and if they see a way they could actually return to deal with the dragons without destroying Tyria, they surely would. Their reason for leaving is stated being fear of the opposite.

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