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[EU][PvE][ExP] The Expendables


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About us:"The Expendables" is a PvE guild that focuses on Raids and Fractals!We usually do everything together regarding PvE content while using discord on a regular basis. We do like to chill but on a good skill level.We don’t mind teaching and helping but we are very strict about our requirements and progressing our members. there for we are giving you a chance to be familiar with our tactics first,both fractals and raids. (you will have 2 weeks)

What can you expect from us?

  1. Experienced and patient management.
  2. Weekly raid clears
  3. Fractal runs on a daily basis.
  4. Social and active members.
  5. Consistent guidanceRequirements:
  6. Good amount of activity in the game
  7. Have motivation, not only to improve as a player but also as a team.
  8. At least 2 meta classes with 150 AR (Chrono, Warr+Spb, Weaver, Soulbeast, Holosmith)
  9. For DPS in raids we require a combination of multi class to be available: Weaver, DE, Slb, Mirage | Weaver, DE, Holosmith, Mirage | Weaver, Rene, Holosmith, Mirage. If you're a support you should have Chrono, Druid
  10. Good knowledge about all fractals and raid bosses.
  11. Be present on Discord while doing an activity with the guild.

If you think you're fit then send an application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdSOfP-P9nJsEVs1GhdL5oo8a8zkpkcfZTP264qmKVT4SapCg/viewform

Relevant information:Before joining the guild, you have to pass a quick trial on golem test area (We require 90% bench on dps classes). If you pass, you get a trial rank for TWO weeks. In those two weeks you should join at least 3 daily fractal runs and 1 full clear.You can contact us in-game :Draco.9480HerbGrinder.2697

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